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Target KET – Student’s Book
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Target KET SB
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Target KET for Schools is a short intensive course to prepare teenage learners for the Cambridge ESOL KET for Schools examination. The Student's Book provides 40-50 hours of core material in twelve topic-based units that provide essential exam practice and training, plus focused practice of the key language used in the exam.   Key features  

  • Authentic exam-style questions written by Cambridge Examinations' writers

  • Essential tips and strategies to build confidence and improve exam performance

  • Engaging topics, texts and images chosen especially to appeal to teenage learners

  • Clear, systematic vocabulary and grammar sections

  • Fun communicative activities to provide further practice

  • Four complete practice exams

  • Innovative CD-ROM with Exam Trainer guidance and tips

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Sue Ireland
It seems incredible, but I’ve been in ELT for almost 40 years now. After a degree in German, I spent a year teaching in Sweden before taking a PGCE in EFL. I then taught in London, Europe, Africa and Japan before returning to the UK.
My interest in the exams side of ELT started in Japan, where I did some oral examining for UCLES, as it was then. On my return to the UK got I involved with marking the written papers, which in turn led to item writing. Over the years I have worked on almost every aspect of the exam process. I contributed to the development of the KET exam and have worked on it since its very earliest days. Of course it has continued to develop and change, as has the PET exam, my other main area of involvement.

Nowadays I am a free-lance materials writer and language consultant. I still work for Cambridge English on papers at all levels, and have co-authored a number of coursebooks.

I live in a 300-year old cottage in the depths of rural Suffolk and when not sitting in front of my laptop meeting the latest deadline, can be found tramping across the fields with my daughter’s dog.
Joanna Kosta
After leaving university, I taught English in Greece, Portugal, Turkey and Hong Kong. I taught all ages and levels, and many different types of courses, from general English to business and academic English. On my return to the UK I worked as a teacher and director of studies in London before taking up a career as an examiner and item writer for Cambridge ESOL. I now write on a wide variety of exams, including KET, PET, FCE, and CAE. I also write for Cambridge ESOL's business, law and finance exams - BEC, ILEC and ICFE.
As well as item writing, I've co-authored a number of books, including Target KET and Target PET, Cambridge Vocabulary for PET, and Practice Tests for ILEC.

I live in North London with my husband and two teenage sons. 
  • Items sold separately:
- Student’s Book + CD-ROM;
- Workbook.
  • Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CD.

  • Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CD.
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