Orbit 3
1ª Edição
Segmento(s): Ensino Fundamental I
ISBN: 9788516107796
Código do produto: 12107796
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Apresentação da coleção

A coleção Orbit estimula o aluno a trabalhar com recuros didáticos impressos e digitais de maneira integrada, potencializando a aprendizagem e a autonomia.

  • Student’s Book with:
- 8 units, a Welcome and a Goodbye unit;
- review work after every two units;
- integrated and detachable Workbook;
- Hands On interdisciplinary projects;
- games;
- stickers and crafts;
- Instructions and Language Reference.
  • Real-Time View a code that redirects to audiovisual resources.
  • Online MultiROM with games, interactive activities, audios and videos on digital literacy.
  • Access to the Richmond Educational Portal, which contains personalized resources for the collection, such as an online MultiROM, digital picture dictionary, games, GIFs, memes and wallpapers that can be used on mobile devices.
  • Interactive Digital Book.
  • Teacher’s Book with:
- theoretical introduction on teaching English to children and on socioemotional competencies;
- step-by-step lesson planning;
- alternative and extension activities;
- cultural notes;
- Adjusting the pace” box with guidelines on how to work with a particular activity in a class in which students presente different learning paces;
- annual planning.
  • Online CD
  • Online Audio.
  • Online MultiROM (similar to the student’s).
  • Interactive Digital Book with note-taking tools and resources for use on e-board and with projector.
  • Access to the Richmond Educational Portal, which contains editable evaluation instruments, materials for projection, weekly lesson planner that integrates contents from the printed book with digital contents and teacher development videos, integrated lesson-bylesson planning of both printed and digital contents, among others.
  • Puppet of the Brownie mascot (for the school).
  • Pack of flashcards and posters (for the school).
  • Digital book for projection.


Categoria: Conteúdo programático
Categoria: Conteúdo programático
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