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The healthy food party
Segmento(s): Ensino Fundamental - Anos Iniciais
ISBN: 9788516116682
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Alice wants to organise a party in class. The students want cake, chips and lemonade, but is this food healthy? Which food can be tasty and good for you? Find out!
A brand-new series of 14 stunning readers specifically designed and adapted to bilingual classrooms to encourage students to love reading in English.
The unconventional-format books all come with an audio available at Richmond Educational Portal and cover a range of topics from both Natural and Social Science classrooms. Perfect to use in class or at home.
Teacher’s notes can be downloaded at Richmond Educational Portal with:
• photocopiable reading comprehension tests (two levels).
• photocopiable vocabulary worksheets.
• photocopiable Picture Dictionary.
• photocopiable Graphic Organizers.
The healthy food party
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