Now you! Teacher's Book 1 (A1+)
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Now You! is a four-level English Secondary course which takes students from A1 to B1+ of the Common European Framework. The course features an eclectic approach which takes the best of the latest developments in ELT teaching methodology and carefully interweaves them within a communicative framework.


Learning threads

Elements of the course which help to streamline the learning and teaching experience. They increase learning efficiency and evolve alongside the students’ cognitive development. This in turn motivates the children to connect with the learning process.

Learner-centred approach

Personalisation exercises throughout the course make every student the focus of their own learning journey and help to consolidate language and skills. Learning to learn tools provide students with tips and tricks for more effective learning.


In every level of the course the student is accompanied by three vloggers who introduce the context of each unit in their Vlogs. The vloggers also narrate the Culture videos, creating a cultural link between the unit content and the wider world.

Flipped Learning

There are many tools at the teacher’s disposal for implementing Flipped Learning with Richmond NOW YOU!, such as the fun Grammar animations which accompany every grammar point and table. The Vlogs and culturevideos with their worksheets also present a great opportunity for introducing the lesson content outside of the classroom.

Project-based Learning

Multi-student project tasks are staged across two units and brought together in a final task. Students recap on the project tasks, prepare for a presentation and focus on 21st century skills. Students are also asked to think carefully about the format of the project and to evaluate themselves and their peers, encouraging Collaborative Learning.

Attention to values

Reading content is further explored with speaking tasks, in which students focus on and discuss a specific core value.


Info-gap pairwork activities for each unit are presented at the end of the book. They combine unit content with CEFR mediation strategies.

External exam preparation

The Review pages at the end of each book combine course content with external exam practice questions, ensuring students are familiar with the format and can apply their knowledge in an exam context.


Teacher’s book
The Teacher’s Book is your comprehensive guide to teaching Now you! and the key methodologies on which the course is based. For each unit of the Student’s Book there is an overview for fast lesson planning, plus complete teaching notes, audio transcripts and answer keys for the student’s material.


Teacher’s resources
A wide range of ready-to-print and editable material is provided to complement and enhance your teaching.

- Vlog worksheets
- Culture videos worksheets
- Vocabulary worksheets at 3 levels of difficulty
- Grammar worksheets at 3 levels of difficulty
- Diagnostic, Unit, End-of-term and End-of-year tests at 2 levels of diffi culty


Teacher’s audio
All listening exercises used in the Student’s Book, Workbook and Teacher’s Resources. Available on Richmond Learning Platform.



 Teacher’s i-solutions 
A fully interactive version of all teaching and learning materials for IWB use. The step-by-step lesson plans presented in the form of learning paths and the full video support provide you with the most effective, visual and easy-to-use classroom resource. It can be used online and offline.


Test Generator
An online interactive tool to edit or create your own personalised worksheets and tests using the Teacher’s Resources.


A wide range of videos: Vlogs, Culture videos and Grammar animations.


Teacher's Audio
Available on Richmond Learning Platform.

Teacher’s Resources

- Grammar worksheets at 3 levels
- Vocabulary worksheets at 3 levels
- Unit tests at 2 levels
- Culture video worksheets
- Flipped Learning worksheets
- Essential content maps per unit

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