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RichmondShare Blog sums up our passion for the English language. It goes beyond the boundaries of learning and teaching. It is dedicated to the sharing of new resources, experiences and curiosities through the exchange of ideas among English teaching professionals.

At the website you have unlimited access to high-quality interaction within the world of ELT. It includes a variety of subjects, such as Bilingual Education, Careers, Classroom Experiences, Trends in ELT, Reflections on Education, Educational Technology, Resources, Grammar, Lesson Ideas, etc., thus being the best sharing community.

Thanks to its valuable content and talented writers, RichmondShare Blog is considered to be an important and reliable source of ideas. It also represents accessible, professional development accessible professional development and learning opportunities.

We’d like to point out that the texts have been written especially for a blog, so they might not follow the rules and characteristics of regular printed materials.

Enjoy your reading!

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