English iD 2nd Edition is a fresh edition of the popular series that quickly teaches young adult students to express themselves both fluently and accurately, thus building their own identity in English.

Hello and welcome to Personal Best, Richmond’s brand-new course for young adult learners of English. Developed with award-winning author Jim Scrivener, Personal Best is all about recognising the needs of individual learners and giving them plenty of meaningful practice in English. It offers today’s busy students a wealth of different ways to learn so that they can practise their English however, and wherever, suits them best.

Compass is an English language teaching bilingual project, specially designed for fully bilingual schools or those aspiring to become one. It blends the best practices of ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) to grant effective language learning for 21st-century students. With Compass, students embark on a fascinating journey of adventures and discoveries sailing the seas (levels 1 and 2), walking the lands (levels 3 and 4) and flying the skies (levels 5 and 6) of the world to learn about it, as they naturally and meaningfully acquire the English language.

iDentities is a brand-new two-level course for adults and young adults which gives upper-intermediate and advanced students the tools they need to speak, listen, read and write with greater fluency and accuracy.

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