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English ID is an innovative four-level young adult series that teaches students to express themselves both accurately and fluently fast, thus building their own identity in English.

Visual Grammar is a brand-new grammar book with a difference. Written by the highly respected author and trainer Jim Scrivener, this new material gets young adult and adult students to take the unusual approach of visualising how each grammar point works before embarking on their practice activities.

Com foco na leitura e abordagem gramatical pensada para classes heterogêneas, Challenge é o material em volume único que melhor se adapta à realidade brasileira.

Baseada em filmes e seriados bastante conhecidos dos adolescentes e também em biografias de celebridades, esta coleção oferece títulos atuais graduados em 4 níveis, acompanhados de CD de áudio com a narração das histórias, além de fotos coloridas das produções originais.

The Richmond Vocabulary Builders are two brand-new vocabulary books for adults and young adults, for use at home or in class. Each book is divided into 50 easy-to-navigate double-page units which present and practise vocabulary in context and also help provide help with collocations and grammar patterns. The code in the back of every book provides access to the Richmond Learning Platform where students will find more practice activities and teachers can assign activities to their students and create print or online tests. Available with and without key.

The Big Picture series is filled with rich images that are at the centre of tasks, encouraging learners to work with and interpret them. Carefully structured discussion tasks encourage personalization, localization, and critical thinking, and complete functional language lessons develop conversation strategies and are applied to students’ immediate world experience.

Portal Educacional
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