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The Big Picture Upper-Intermediate (B2) - 2nd ed - Student's Book
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The Big Picture is a highly visual, stimulating, six-level course for adult and young adult learners of English, offering 90 to 120 hours of core classroom material, complemented by a wealth of digital and print resources. The second edition of the course keeps the core approach of the original edition, with real-life, international contexts combined with striking images to engage students. Carefully graded activities give students the support they need to express themselves with confidence.

The Big Picture is about real life. The course aims to make English language learning accessible by grounding tasks in real-life situations. The course also challenges stereotyping and presents positive role models in all of the content. The lesson topics take global situations and cultural material which are both stimulating and immediately relevant to students’ lives. Due to the growing importance of images in today’s digitalized world, we’re all becoming more visually literate. Therefore, images in the course aren’t merely decorative, but play an active role in the learning process. They are used to engage students and develop critical thinking skills by encouraging them not only to describe images, but also to interpret and discuss them.

With The Big Picture 2nd Edition students will:

complete speaking or writing output tasks, which ensure they personalize the target language and make it relevant to them.

develop specific receptive skills to ensure they can interpret texts in English and convey meaning to others.

complete mediation tasks, which them practice in conveying information to others, an important part of the latest CEFR.

be exposed to various styles of video and real-life English, which stimulate conversation and critical thinking.


Sobre o Autor
Simon Brewster

Simon studied History at the University of Cambridge. He decided to do a course to teach English as a Foreign Language at International House in London. From there he went to Mexico and had worked in EFL  there for almost twenty years. Most of his time works at the Anglo Mexican Cultural Institute in different roles. At present he is the Director of Project Development which is a new post involving innovation and areas that to a large extent will be influencing the future of the variety of people in the English teaching profession. He never completely stopped teaching although recently his work has involved administration and project development. He is involved in writing a number of textbooks for teaching English that are published.

• Practice of all vocabulary, grammar and skills
• Additional writing and exams practice
• Bring it together practice every 3 units
• Integrated Vodcast vídeos

• Teacher’s notes interleaved with Student’s Book
• Teacher-friendly layout and extra support
• Visual literacy activities to exploit images and vídeo
• 21st Century skills related to lesson topics

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