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The Big Picture Upper-Intermediate (B2) - 2nd ed - Teacher´s Book
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The Big Picture is a highly visual, stimulating, six-level course for adult and young adult learners of English, offering 90 to 120 hours of core classroom material, complemented by a wealth of digital and print resources. The second edition of the course keeps the core approach of the original edition, with real-life, international contexts combined with striking images to engage students. Carefully graded activities give students the support they need to express themselves with confidence.

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Ben Goldstein
Ben has taught English for over twenty years in the UK, Spain and Hong Kong and currently teaches on The New School’s online MATESOL program (New York). He is lead author of the adult coursebook series ‘New Framework’ and ‘New American Framework’ (Richmond) and the forthcoming series ‘The Big Picture’ (Richmond). He is also the co-author of ‘English Unlimited Advanced’ (Cambridge) and has published the teachers’ methodology handbook ‘Working with Images’ (Cambridge). His main interests lie in intercultural issues, images and video and English as an International Language.
Ceri Jones
Ceri Jones has been working in ELT since 1986. She has worked as a teacher, trainer and educational manager in Italy, Hungary, Spain and the UK. She has been involved in materials writing since the mid 1990s and has written for a number of coursebook series, including Richmond’s Framework and The Big Picture, as well as writing grammar practice books and a range of supplementary material both on and offline. She is interested in integrating web 2.0 tools in the low-tech classroom and especially in the use and exploitation of images. She is based in the south of Spain where she currently works as a freelance writer, teacher and trainer. 



 • Practice of all vocabulary, grammar and skills
• Additional writing and exams practice
• Bring it together practice every 3 units
• Integrated Vodcast vídeos

 • Teacher’s notes interleaved with Student’s Book
• Teacher-friendly layout and extra support
• Visual literacy activities to exploit images and vídeo
• 21st Century skills related to lesson topics

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