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Richmond Visual Grammar B1 (With Key)
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Written by the highly respected author and trainer Jim Scrivener, Visual Grammar gets young adult and adult students to take the unusual approach of visualizing how each grammar point works before embarking on its practice activities. Each one-page unit contains a visual presentation of the grammar point, followed by a variety of exercise types. The book also offers fully trackable extra material online for use at home or in the classroom as well as unique presentation software for use in class. Visual Grammar is available with or without answers. key features • 96 one-page units with presentation and practice; • Main grammar points divided into manageable bite-size chunks; • Audio recordings of all main grammar points available in MP3 format; • Fully trackable extra online practice included; • Color-coded units to help distinguish between different groups of grammar points; • Internet quizzes that encourage students to find their own visuals online.

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 • Teacher’s Media Book.

 • Teacher’s Media Book.

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